Water jet cutting

The water jet cutting technology used by France Résille can slice virtually any existing material (dibond, aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, marble, granite, wood, concrete, corian, glass…).

  • high precision
  • materials do not heat-up
  • materials can be sliced up to 200mm thick
  • over 4500 bar pressure

Laser slicing

Laser slicing is essentially used for metal: a technology that combines speed and precision.

  • metal thickness from 1 to 30mm
  • slicing speed from 1 to 50m / minute

Punching: perforated metal sheets

Thanks to this technique, images (faces, sceneries…) can be transposed onto faithfully cut-out murals.

  • 2000 perforations / minute
  • pointillism technique

Metal melting

This technique involves pouring metal into a customised mould.

  • this enables repetitive patterns to be produced in thick metal (from 2cm)

3D printing

Thanks to this brand new technology used by France Résille, the imagination no longer has any boundaries.

CNC milling

Essentially used for wood and resin, milling is used not just for cutting but also for engraving surfaces.